Charges for driving under the influence or intoxicated can be very detrimental to someone’s wellbeing. At this moment, your record may be in jeopardy, and you’ll need the right kind of defense to guide you through this process. Attorney Allen will work diligently towards as much of a successful outcome as possible, no matter the circumstances. Work with Attorney Allen to learn about your penalty options and your rights. You deserve to stay informed and have an attorney there, who will work towards getting your penalties lowered, and provide an efficient understanding of judges, prosecutors and what to do once we’ve reached a settlement. DUI or DWI charges could impact your future, and the status of your driver’s license, but Attorney Allen will work towards a better outcome.


When charged for possession or distribution of drugs, your current reputation and future rights are on the line, and prison could be a possibility, so it’s time to know your options. That’s why Attorney Allen assists you in understanding your current charge even if it’s hefty, along with a strategy on avoiding a negative verdict. Since different states vary with their possession charges, it’s important to have an attorney with strong understanding of the rights you have by San Diego drug laws. Your charge is typically linked by “drug schedules”, ranking likelihood of abuse or addiction, and Attorney Allen works closely with you to help you understand the difference between a possible conviction, anywhere from illegal distribution of Xanax to the extremity of possessing and/or distributing Heroin, LSD or Methaqualone.




With gang-related crime on the rise these last few years, California has some of the strictest gang-related laws in the country. False accusation of gang affiliation is also a commonality, particularly in the San Diego area. It’s time to put trust in an attorney, who will steer you away from the extreme penalties California brings upon those even associated in acts, whether it’s drug-related, robbery, assault, or weapon-related. Attorney Allen will work towards easing harsh penalties, whether you’ve been involved in a gang, or have been falsely accused of doing so.


Whether you’ve experienced domestic abuse, or you are falsely accused, you need supportive, strong legal representation. Attorney Allen assists you in gathering the exonerating evidence, factors to determine your case’s outcome, and understanding California’s domestic violence laws. Attorney Allen’s experience ranges anywhere from restraining orders to sexual, physical, and child abuse. It’s time to make this process easier with Attorney Allen steering you in a direction that could help you avoid heavy fines or jail time.




As murder presents itself as the be-all, end-all of criminal matters, Attorney Allen wants you to know that there are many pieces to California’s laws that can help you lower or expunge your charges. Handling murder cases from manslaughter to felony to second degree and first degree, Attorney Allen has a wide range of knowledge on factors that go into your case’s verdict. Criminal intent, evidence, association, and involuntary crimes are just a few lines of defense that could help your case reach a better outcome. Prosecutors can be tough in the courtroom, but Attorney Allen has the right words to tell your story, guiding you on the appropriate plea to make based on case factors and lines of defense!


In San Diego, Arson charges could be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the situation. To lower charges of burning, or damaging property, Attorney Allen works towards an outcome that stays away from any willful or malicious intention in your actions. This includes informing you of California’s laws and rights of arson charges, gathering evidence for a case that leans towards reckless versus aggravated arson, and fully supporting your side of the story, no matter your previous record.