Terry Allen’s Clients Look Back

To the people of San Diego: Last year in the month of April, I really needed some legal advice and guidance for my son. As I proceeded for hours to find help on the internet, looking for a lawyer, I finally received a call from a gentleman named Mr. David Rodriguez. One of the nicest case managers at Terry Allen Attorney at Law I have ever encountered. He was so caring and compassionate about my dilemma. As I began to explain to him about my son’s troubles, he was very confident that one of the lawyers there would be able to help my son and I. Mr. Rodriguez set up an appointment to meet and discuss my son’s case and my financial obligations. They made the payment plans so easy to fit your budget. The rest is history…… The lawyer’s name that assisted me was Mr. Terry Allen. What a guy. We talked about my son’s crime and violations. He was already on probation. But this time he was looking at life in prison. That was the probation and D.A. recommendations.

With Mr. Allen’s 50+ years in criminal law, he used his knowledge and expertise and worked on my son’s case. I mean video tapes, questioning witnesses, visiting my son in jail and countless hours of filling out paperwork. He did this on top of his other entire case load. Now it was time to go to court. The probation Dept. made another recommendation of 15 years in prison. Mr. Allen said “NO”. We went back to court. D.A said “3-5 years in prison”. Mr. Allen said “NO” again. Then my son’s lawyer made a suggestion to the judge, D.A and probation. They all agreed for my son to serve 8 months in county jail and 3 years of probation, after he finished his sentencing. Wow!!!! It was so intense sometimes that I couldn’t breathe. What can I say if I perceive to write another word. I will start crying all over again. This review that I have written is so real because I have lived that nightmare and GOD sent Mr. Terry Allen to bring my son and me from this terrifying ordeal. Mr. Allen, I am so grateful to have met you.

“Great lawyer, that works with you! Great service!”

– Eric Vincente, Law Companies Review

“He’s quick. He’s smart to the point I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody handle anything so quickly really easy in my mind and took a load off.“

– Deborah Cason, Google Review

“Great experience with them! They really care.”

– William Lesner, Google Review


My name is Michael Y, and I am willing to share my experience with Terry Allen and David Rodriguez. Unfortunately, on February 12, 2020, SDPD pulled me over at around 11:15 pm to convict me with two felony charges, conceal weapon and carrying a baton. What makes it crazy? I was on-call as an armed security guard and waiting to be called for my next assignment. The police officer saw my security uniform and knew I was unaware of making an illegal turn, and he didn’t have any compassion for my mistake. Soon, I was handcuffed and placed in jail for five days. Later, after I was released, I found out that the District Attorney wanted to convict me with two Felony charges, which could have ruined my entire life. Terry Allen came to my aid and understood that placing my gun in the glove department is considered a concealled weapon, and not having my baton permit is a felony charge. I could have faced jail or prison time. Terry Allen and David Rodriguez looked into my situation and right away knew I was a good person, and my pullover needed to be re-investigated. Because of the Covid-19, my case was pull back, and I had to wait until the court date. He stayed by my side and continued to push and get my case to dismiss. After some time, he proved to the DA and judge that I was an innocent man and got my case to dismissed. He allowed me to return back to work as an armed security guard and got my case to be dismissed. I was lucky to meet Terry Allen and David Rodriguez. They were so affordable and worked with my monthly budget. Please, whoever has a chance to read my story. I am writing this testimonial to share my experience of what I was facing at that time. You will learn that they are an incredible attorney who cares about the plaintiff, and he did everything to prove my innocence. I will always recommend Terry Allen 100 percent, and I will only use him again, but hopefully never again. This time I learn a valuable lesson, and I will never repeat the same mistake. Thank you, Mr. Terry Allen and David Rodriguez.


    Terry Allen helped me get dismised three unwarranted warrants, plus clear up some medical issues with OHS. I highly recommend his team who also walked me through a bankruptcy after a very nasty divorce. If you are in need of legal support, this is a team you want behind you.

    – Christine, Avvo

    He helped me and my brother off some criminal record that we had and now we are safe for me. He’s the best lawyer. I totally recommend. Now all of my family especially my parents are very thankful with this lawyer. Thank you!

    – Bichrie, Avvo


    Over a decade ago I found myself facing 22-felony counts and nearly 80+ years in prison. Previous to that, I had no criminal record. I hired Terry and together we were able to get the DA to drop the case after presenting evidence showing my innocence. In the 12-years since my case was resolved, I have accumulated five college degrees including finishing medical school. Terry saved my life and future!! Without his help, I probably would never have been able to become a doctor. I highly recommend his services as he is very knowledgeable and advocates well on behalf of his clients.